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MODIV Aug 3, 2021 11:32:00 AM 3 min read

MODIV and Offset Alliance Form Strategic Partnership to Provide Sustainability Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Clients Around the Globe

ATLANTA, GA.--The MODIV Group, a travel consulting and professional services firm, and Offset Alliance, a leading provider of climate action solutions, have partnered to deliver holistic sustainability solutions for travel and hospitality clients around the globe. 

As awareness of climate change and other environmental issues increases, consumers and B2B buyers are making conscious efforts to procure from organizations who prioritize sustainability, putting pressure on global brands to take action.

As of October 2020, 163 companies from the Fortune Global 500 (nearly 33%) have publicly committed to achieving at least one of the following climate targets: carbon neutrality, RE100, and science-based targets (SBT). Of these, carbon neutrality is the most common target.

Despite these commitments, the execution of sustainable practices tends to fall flat. Research shows that today’s discerning consumers are largely brand agnostic and not easily influenced by performative PR, instead seeking measurable proof of impact when choosing where they spend their money.  

In the hospitality industry, demonstrating credible efforts to improve sustainability, specifically to lower greenhouse gas emissions, has become a top priority for brands both to attract and retain customers and to meet new environmental requirements. However, as the industry rebuilds from the aftermath of Covid-19, many companies are faced with limited resources to dedicate to these goals.

Through an innovative support model, MODIV and Offset Alliance help global travel and hospitality brands streamline the creation and implementation of new sustainability programs while avoiding disruption to revenues and operations. The combined approach involves going into granular detail, embedding key priorities into corporate roadmaps and ultimately making travel and stays more sustainable.

“Offset Alliance is dedicated to helping make global travel more sustainable for all stakeholders – including travelers, host communities, and professionals who deliver experiences at every point along a journey, biodiversity and the environment,” said Offset Alliance Co-Founder Henkel Smith. “We’re greatly encouraged by how our values align with MODIV’s, and how together through this new partnership we will help even more hospitality brands to effectively play a bigger role in improving the industry’s sustainability.” 

“The mission of Offset Alliance wonderfully complements our vision at MODIV to create meaningful and measurable impacts for our clients and their customers,” said MODIV Founder and CEO Brian King. “We firmly believe that in business, bold players must evolve for future success. With comprehensive knowledge of travel, hospitality and sustainability best practices, together we are uniquely positioned to help organizations embed a culture of sustainability into their corporate strategy and operations – so they can realize their goals, demonstrate accountability and drive preference by closely aligning their brand to consumer values.”

Offset Alliance empowers clients to measure operational greenhouse gas emissions using global standards and industry best practices, then develop customized programs that reduce emissions either internally or through guest engagement. As a commercially focused firm with expertise spanning leisure to B2B, MODIV ensures new sustainability programs are effectively implemented and become integral to operations through holistic corporate strategies for maximum, measurable impact.


About Offset Alliance

Our mission is to make measurable and meaningful climate action simple, so businesses can conveniently and credibly play a bigger role in addressing climate change. Leveraging global standards and industry best practices, we help our clients understand their operational emissions and develop customized programs that reduce emissions either internally or through customer engagement. We are woman owned, Certified B Corp pending and based in Carlsbad, CA.




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