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Every year, hotels pour resources into RFP negotiations...

Makes sense, right?

Sellers should be focused on customers during the peak decision-making stages of their buying process.


The reality is...

This approach grossly undermines sales potential, and their efforts cost the organization the equivalent of several fully salaried resources...

Every. Single. Year.


Our take on what's trending in the industry.

Brand is CX and CX is brand...but hotels have known this for a long time.

MODIV TAKEThe more consumers expect from their experience, the harder hotel chains will have to work to ensure brand strategies and CX function as one.

Kantar | Businesses must close the gap between CX and brand promise

AI as travel inspiration.

MODIV TAKE: If you’re not thinking about AI, you should be.

The Information | Stuck on an idea? A new wave of creatives are turning to a virtual source of help

More shifts in the landscape of business travel. A budget war is underway.

MODIV TAKE: As whispers and shouts of inflation continue, how is your brand staying close to how travelers are truly reacting?

Business Travel Now | The fight for budget travelers is on ➤

Another reminder that a brand's "job to be done" is pretty important.

MODIV TAKE: The simple segmentations and hotel-scale categories the industry has been making decisions with are becoming less and less useful.

Hotel Yearbook | Is it the end of the brand as we know it? ➤

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