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Our take on what's trending in the industry.

There’s luxury, and then there’s Luxury. Is there a ceiling?

Forbes | How Demand For Ultra-Luxury Travel Shows No Sign Of Stopping ➜

MODIV Asks: How do travel brands begin to understand this no-limits luxury in the day-to-day of their commercial strategies?


The future of hotel guests may not be people who use the rooms.

Deloitte | The hospitality guest of the future

MODIV Asks: How easy will it be for the operations side of the house to deliver on the micro-diverse expectations of the future guest?


What is happening to the economy-end of travel?

CoStar | International Inbound Travel, High-Income Travelers Fuel US Hotel Industry Recovery 

MODIV Asks: Are the disruptions of international travel and alternative lodging shifting more around than just budgets?

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