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Centralized RFP 



What exactly is MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

MODIV Corporate Travel Services is an end-to-end solution for corporate travel RFP (Request for Proposal) process management. Our team of dedicated, highly experienced hospitality experts manage the complete RFP process on your behalf, freeing your sales team to focus on high-value sales opportunities.

How can my company benefit from MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

MODIV Corporate Travel Services can save your company valuable time and resources by streamlining and centralizing the RFP process, removing the administrative burden from valuable resources and enforcing your rate strategy. Our services can enhance B2B rate growth, drive cost savings, and minimize hidden costs associated with the annual business travel RFP process.

What is the process followed by MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

Our expert team handles all aspects of the RFP process, from responding to new RFPs, negotiating rates, to managing rate loading and auditing. We closely collaborate with your sales and revenue management teams to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Can MODIV Corporate Travel Services customize its approach to suit my company's needs?

Absolutely. We always tailor our approach to best align with your specific business outcomes. We can manage specific brand portfolios or entire estates, and work in sync with your existing technology solutions.

What is the cost of MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

The cost of our services depends on your company's specific needs and requirements. We offer a customized pricing model based on your unique situation and priorities.

When can we expect to see results with MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

Speed to results depends on the size and complexity of your company's current processes and tools. However, our previous case studies have demonstrated immediate cost savings – from identifying redundant, costly processes to streamlining vendor resources – and improved RFP performance in a short time span.

Can MODIV Corporate Travel Services assist with other aspects of corporate travel?

While our primary focus is on streamlining the RFP process, we can also offer consulting guidance on sales and revenue management strategies for the corporate segment and its unique verticals. Our aim is to help your company optimize corporate travel operations and profitability.

How do I get started with MODIV Corporate Travel Services?

Simply contact our team here and schedule a discovery call. We will evaluate your company's needs and provide a tailored solution to meet your objectives.

Is MODIV Corporate Travel Services available worldwide?

Yes, MODIV Corporate Travel Services is a global offering. We have extensive experience working with companies and hotels worldwide and are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of global corporate travel.

Can MODIV Corporate Travel Services work within my existing systems?

Definitely. MODIV Corporate Travel Specialists have extensive experience with travel and hospitality technologies. We will work within your existing RFP management systems and other technology solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient handover.

Why MODIV Corporate Travel Services?


Our highly skilled team of corporate travel RFP specialists average 13+ years of experience in the industry.


We tailor our processes to the way you conduct business, managing the corporate RFP process from start to finish.


A brand's quality perception is its reputation. Quality is about meeting customers' expectations.


We work within your current performance reporting, signaling insights, successes and improvement opportunities.


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