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4/8/24 6:12 AM3 min read

Is Your Tech Enhancing the Guest Journey? Guide for Hospitality Leaders

Facing competition from OTAs, home sharing platforms and category killers, the real question for hospitality brands isn't whether to embrace technology but whether it enhances the guest experience. But how do you know if your tech is an asset or a liability? 
Modern hotel guests, a mix of digital natives and tech enthusiasts, seek more than a comfy bed - they want a seamless digital experience. Amid debates on tech investments, MODIV Mindset reveals traveler needs, stressing fast internet, prompt and reliable service, and AI that complements. Highlighting real over gimmicky tech, MODIV challenges hospitality leaders to invest wisely in personalized tech and strategic integration that enrich the guest experience.

This post explores the role of technology in the guest journey and tips for aligning brand and guest priorities to deliver loyalty-boosting experiences.


87% of travelers we spoke with told us technology is important to them in nearly every stage of the travel journey except the actual trip. Nearly all (96%) of these told us that technology in the other phases “wastes their time” or is “more of a burden.” (MODIV Mindset)


The Dreaming Phase: Tech That Inspires Wanderlust

In the initial phase, guests are dreamers, tentatively exploring travel options. Your goal is to inspire and captivate. Your tech, like your hotel's online presence, speaks to potential visitors.
MODIV Mindset findings indicate travel-tech innovation isn't always a dream trigger for most travelers, but it's key for engagement. Your website's performance, mobile-friendliness, and dream-inducing content are your digital welcome. A seamless, captivating online presence sets the stage for success.


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Planning Phase: Transforming Dreams into Plans

Guests have shifted from daydreams to the planning stage. They appreciate technology that turns inspiration into concrete itineraries. Keep the traveler’s to do list in mind when designing your website. It shouldn’t just inspire—it should be a savvy curator and a planner's ally, making research enjoyable and efficient.
An engaging blog, a fast-loading AI chatbot for complex queries, easy rate comparisons, and simple plan adjustments—all powered by technology—are key in this phase. Your tech should support, not hinder. Time is precious in the planning phase, where efficiency outweighs charm.


The Booking Phase: Ensuring a Smooth Digital Handshake

This is where digital meets reality – and it’s a major priority for travelers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that today's guests seek swift and easy booking, as effortless as a swipe. They prefer browsing, selecting, and confirming with quick clicks.

Your tech strategy during booking should be top-notch. A user-friendly interface, secure payment gateway, and simple booking process can convert a potential guest into a confirmed reservation. The aim is seamless commitment, and rates highly among travelers as a top consideration of brand satisfaction. 


87% of travelers are looking for a simple and quick digital booking process. (MODIV Mindset)


The Experience Phase: Enhancing the Tangible

We cannot stress this enough: guests expect seamless, high-speed internet. This is table stakes, and the number one on-site tech imperative for travelers. 

Other in-room tech such as tablets, digital concierge, and smart-room features can be game-changers, meeting guests’ needs and highlighting the brand’s modernity, but focus on the simple things done well. Guests check-in to relax, not fiddle with gadgets.


84% of travelers say access to internet is a “key part of their satisfaction with a brand." (MODIV Mindset)


The Sharing Phase: Digital Diary Starring the Guest

It feels antiquated to limit the sharing portion of travel to a phase – sharing has become an ongoing ritual, not just an impulse. Armed with smartphones, guests document the good, bad, and ugly of their experiences. Tech should simplify sharing, prompting guests to review or post about their stay without compromising their impression with a lengthy survey or push notification abuse. 

Post-stay tech should support and promote guest sharing, capitalizing on the positive vibes from their visit. A streamlined review system, easy Wi-Fi sharing, or a travel app for sharing moments can boost digital marketing and reputation.


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The FWD Move

Despite not being top of mind when screening travel options, the right tech in place can enable an exceptional guest experience. Start by nailing the basics: a simple, convenient booking process and fast, reliable Wi-Fi are the contemporary welcome to a new era of hospitality. 

When strategizing your tech roadmap, aim to outfit your properties with the right tech, in the right spots, for the right reasons. The guest's digital experience is your call to action—dynamic, personalized, and seamless.


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