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MODIV3/8/23 3:28 AM2 min read

RFP Season forecast: mixed weather ahead

With the Corporate RFP Process, expect a season guaranteed to both rain and shine. And sometimes, when it rains... it pours.  

It’s important to quantify each potential scenario for your RFP strategy and better understand what an ineffective process could cost you. 

Setting the Scene

Let’s break down the best and worst cases when negotiating a standard, single RFP with two day-in-the-life scenarios.



The Players

Meet the heroes in our story:


We find our heroes deep in the throws of Corporate Travel RFP Season. 


Sunny Day Scenario



But those rainy days come around often enough, and they're never a wanted visitor. 


Rainy Day Scenario


Not only does this scenario signal that sellers are spending valuable time working a process, but there’s an opportunity cost associated to their inability to perform other, likely more impactful, sales activities. 


So, how much is this going to cost me?

HIDDEN_COSTS-18Assuming there are equal sunny and rainy-day RFPs, and each one costs between $126-$630, that's an average cost of $378 per one RFP.  

Fast forward to RFP season. Assume your hotel receives around 1,500 RFPs…let’s do the math. 

1,500 RFPs x $378 results in…$567,000…well, that’s a lot of hidden sales costs 

Plain and simple: you don’t pay salespeople to be administrators of a process.  

It's time to get sellers back to doing what they do best…SELLING!