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MODIV1/26/24 10:56 AM1 min read

The New Luxury Landscape

In luxury travel’s dynamic landscape, the challenge for brands lies in crafting upscale experiences that seamlessly align with diverse traveler preferences.  

From strategic partnerships that elevate the journey, to digital innovations enhancing convenience and the pursuit of an exclusive, "money can't buy" allure, brands are realizing the art of curating the finest version of a luxury experience involves a delicate dance with varied desires. 

So, how can luxury brands curate the best “version” of a luxury experience catered to different traveler preferences? 

Recent MODIV Mindset data revealed a pressing challenge for luxury brands: “the widening of how travelers define luxury doesn’t always include the industry’s standard luxury hallmarks like price, amenities, level of service, or a sense of exclusivity.” (MODIV Mindset, 2023). 

What are the travelers after? 

  • Value via Partnerships – Stay experiences that effectively execute brand collaborations through elevated “moments” have the potential to enrich traveler perception and likelihood of repeat business.  
  • Exclusivity (Money Can’t Buy) - Beyond opulence, many modern travelers value experiences that require local insight, exclusive relationships and a feeling of behind-closed-doors access money can’t buy.  
  • Peace & Digital Detox - The yearning for tranquility continues to rise in the digital age. Luxury providers that curate an atmosphere of serenity free from digital distractions invite guests to savor moments of uninterrupted peace and reflection. 


FWD Move: 

As luxury evolves, the challenge for hospitality brands lies in navigating distinct preferences, understanding their niche market, and creating experiences that satisfy varying traveler demographics.  

Striking the balance between growth and exclusivity will be a nuanced endeavor for luxury brands – especially as they look to diversify in a now (very) crowded arena.