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FAST FWD: February 2024

The “dry powder, raising the capital that has not been deployed” in hospitality is ready to double down on tech investments.

The Wall Street Journal | Five Tech Trends That Will Affect The Hotel Industry in 2024 ➤

MODIV Asks: Is technology REALLY the place guests want travel brands to invest?



Revenge Travel gets a re-brand as travelers look to “old school” reasons for traveling.

Forbes | Forget ‘Revenge Travel.’ Try A New Trend: ‘Journey Travel’'

MODIV Asks: Who is uniquely suited to serve the journey-focused traveler: hotels or short-term rentals?



Travel brands built to transform guests may be back in vogue…did they ever fall out of fashion?

Travel Weekly | Can 'transformational' travel be more than a buzzword? ➤

MODIV Asks: What role should a brand play in focusing on how travel transforms someone?