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FAST FWD: December 2023

Looking for luxury? There’s classic luxury, distinctive luxury, cutting-edge luxury, all-inclusive luxury, and lifestyle luxury….The hotel-brand cereal aisle is real.

MODIV TAKE: What happens to brand loyalty when travelers can’t figure out who they’re being loyal to?

The Wall Street Journal | Travelers face a ‘confusing sea of sameness’ as new brands keep popping up ➤



Don’t look now, but a third of your programmatic advertising spend is probably just entertaining bots.

MODIV TAKE: If the right audience target drives more accurate advertising, how well do you know who your audience is?

Marketing Brew | Only around a third of ad dollars reach ‘intended audiences' 



As “fluffy” as it sounds, likability is a sign of B2B brand health.

MODIV TAKE: When was the last time you measured how likable your brand is to B2B customers?

The Drum | Likeability is the popularity contest B2B brands can’t afford to lose