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FAST FWD: August 2023

Companies are reducing loyalty rewards due to cost and changing consumer behavior.

MODIV TAKE: Is there a way to make sure the benefits that they lose out on are the ones customers won’t miss?

The Associated Press | Companies rein in customer rewards programs ➤



The short-term rental market is either on the brink of armageddon or this is normalization….depending on who you talk to.

MODIV TAKE: Where are we getting the balances, local perspective that’s showing the long game of performance?

Daily Lodging Report | Is the AirBnB phenomenon wearing thin? ➤

Business Insider | The unpredictable summer for Airbnb and Vrbo hosts continues ➤

Newsweek| Fall in Airbnb Listings Revenues Sparks Housing Market Crash Fears ➤

CBS | Travelers opting for alternatives to short-term vacation rentals ➤

Housing Wire | Modest Airbnb revenue declines expected throughout the rest of the year ➤



Hotels are still embarrassed to be so far behind in the digital race.

MODIV TAKE: Are technology and digital among the most critical fish to fry for hotels right now?

Skift | Hotel executives admit they're late to the tech party ➤