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FAST FWD: March 2023

Brand is CX and CX is brand...but hotels have known this for a long time.

MODIV TAKE: The more consumers expect from their experience, the harder hotel chains will have to work to ensure brand strategies and CX function as one.

Kantar | Businesses must close the gap between CX and brand promise ➤



AI as travel inspiration.

MODIV TAKE: If you’re not thinking about AI, you should be.

The Information | Stuck on an idea? A new wave of creatives are turning to a virtual source of help ➤



Another reminder that a brand's "job to be done" is pretty important.

MODIV TAKE: The simple segmentations and hotel-scale categories the industry has been making decisions with are becoming less and less useful.

Hotel Yearbook | Is it the end of the brand as we know it? ➤



More shifts in the landscape of business travel. A budget war is underway.

MODIV TAKE: As whispers and shouts of inflation continue, how is your brand staying close to how travelers are truly reacting?

Business Travel Now | The fight for budget travelers is on ➤