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FAST FWD: April 2023

Gen Zers are hitting the road but have less to spend and aren’t as trusting of travel brands.

MODIV TAKE: How is your brand being creative about building trust for the budget-conscious traveler?

CNBC | Gen Z, and their limited budgets, are traveling again
Morning Consult | Gen Z is poised to reshape the travel industry



Google raises the bar on hotel content.

MODIV TAKE: We’re observing some rapid evolution in consumers’ unspoken expectations that hotels begin matching the online experiences they’re used to in other places. When was the last time your brand thought about the way search results and content get presented?

Skift | Google Travel adopts new Instagram-like story feature ➤



It's getting harder to earn status, points and miles as brands get comfortable in post-COVID travel stability.

MODIV TAKE: Will regression into give-to-get loyalty strategies continue to work for travel brands or have consumers evolved their tastes?

CNBC | Airlines make travel perks harder to earn this year