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FAST FWD: May 2023

Three themes on the hospitality’s future seem to point to the things small travel brands do well:
1) connecting people to places
2) staffing
3) tearing down data silos.

MODIV TAKE: What niche-brand advantages should you be considering, regardless of how big you are?

Hospitality Net | The latest challenges and changes to hospitality



The continued blurring of hotel scale: the power and role of “budget” brands.

MODIV TAKE: Is your brand too boxed in by its reliance on the industry’s traditional scale definitions?

The Points Guy | The unlikely hotel brand taking over the US ➤



Rest in peace business center…but choosing your own in-room artwork?

MODIV TAKE: Can your brand tell the difference between fad design choices and those that are here to stay? Does it stand up for its brand DNA in spite of rising trends?

Skift | Hotel designers adapt to blended travel ➤