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FAST FWD: June 2023

The continued diversification of hotel brands is claimed as a big driver of industry innovation in response to consumer preference.

MODIV TAKE: What are the unforeseen consequences of a cereal-aisle approach to hotel brands?

CoStar | Differentiating hotel brands has never been more important



The road warriors continue to drive the future of hotel occupancy.

MODIV TAKE: In what ways are non-extended-stay brands able to meet the unique needs of extended-stay travelers?

Wtop News | Hotel giants Hilton and Marriott both turn focus to professional travelers  ➤



Short-term vacation rentals and loyalty programs go hand in hand if you’re looking to engage younger travelers.

MODIV TAKE: Is the lack of a loyalty program hurting your vacation rental’s chances with younger travelers?

Morning Consult | Vacation rentals must appeal to rewards-hungry Gen Z & Millenials